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Friday 24 Nov 2017
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What is the composition of Sinuforte?
Sinuforte is a frozen-dried natural fluid extract of the Cyclamen Europaeum plant.

How does Sinuforte work?
Sinuforte works in two ways:
1. The medication has a localized effect on the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, stimulating the trigeminal nerve endings and causing an intense, reflex secretion. This secretion results in a natural cleansing of the paranasal sinuses, a reduction in tissue swelling and a recovery of drainage and ventilation of the sinuses.
2. Sinuforte is an excellent immunomodulator (strengthens the bodyís immune system).

For what illnesses is Sinuforte recommended?
Acute or chronic sinusitis (purulent or catarrhal); antritis; frontitis; ethmoiditis; combined sinusitis.

What are the advantages of Sinuforte compared to other medicines for treating sinusitis?

  1. Sinuforte ís curative action is completely localized. It is applied locally and works only on the affected areas. It does not enter the blood stream.
    Sinuforte is 100% natural, containing no antibiotics or preservatives.
    Sinuforte begins to work immediately. Nasal cleansing and discharge starts just 2 minutes after application. This discharge may last for up to 2 hours, after which you will recover nasal respiration and notice a marked reduction in headache.
    Sinuforte is more than 90% effective. In the majority of cases no further treatment, such as surgical puncture, is necessary.
    Sinusitis symptoms are significantly reduced in just 2-3 days.
    Sinuforte is fast and easy to apply ñ just one application (nasal spray) per day for a total of 6-8 days.
    One Sinuforte package constitutes a full treatment.

How does Sinuforte relieve symptoms?
Sinusitis symptoms such as headache, feelings of pressure and stuffiness are caused by an accumulation of purulent (containing pus) fluid in the sinuses. As the disease progresses and the quantity of fluid increases not only do the symptoms become worse but toxins from this fluid are absorbed through the mucous membrane of the sinuses into the blood stream. This causes a general intoxication, fever and high temperature.
Sinuforte stimulates natural secretion mechanisms within the sinuses, washing out the purulent fluids, reducing sinus pressure and recovering nasal respiration. The increased oxygen flow kills those germs that thrived in an oxygen-free environment, while Sinuforteís immunomodulator effect stimulates the bodyís own defence mechanisms.

How long does treatment with Sinuforte take?
Sinuforte is to be applied once a day, or once every two days, into each nostril. Treatment with a daily application will take 6-8 days. Treatment with an application every second day will take 12-16 days.
Apply Sinuforte first thing in the morning or 2 hours before going to bed (as the resulting nasal discharge may last up to 2 hours). Wipe away any discharge with absorbent tissues. Do NOT blow your nose.

What side effects may Sinuforte has?

Side effects may include a weak or moderate burning sensation in the nasopharynx, sialorrhoea (increased salivary flow), face reddening and watering of the eyes. In rare cases a brief headache or pale red discharge is observed. In none of the above cases is it necessary to discontinue the treatment.

Can Sinuforte be applied with pregnant women and nursing mothers?
In these cases Sinuforte can only be recommended at the discretion of you physician. There is no present existing clinical data.

Does Sinuforte interact with other medications?
In clinical research no contraindications with other medications were observed. Sinuforte may be combined with antibiotics, local vasoconstrictors (applied several minutes before) or any other medicationsTo avoid reducing the effectiveness of the medication, local anaesthetics (including antihistamines) should not be applied simultaneously into the nose with Sinuforte.

Is it necessary to combine Sinuforte with other medications?
Each case should be taken individually. If the patient responds well to the therapy and there are no symptoms of general intoxication, there is no need to apply other medications. If, however, general intoxication or allergic reactions are observed it is possible to combine Sinuforte with antibiotics, allergy medications or vasoconstrictors without reducing its effectiveness.

How effective is Sinuforte?
Results of numerous clinical studies have demonstrated:

  1. - Full recovery of nasal respiration in 94.5% of patients
    - Significant or total reduction in pathologic excretions in 96.6% of patients
    - Total disappearance of headache in 92.4% of patients
    - A decrease in pain sensitivity in 94% of patients


Can Sinuforte be applied after sinus puncture?
It depends on whether the outflow from the sinus is blocked or not. If the outflow is not blocked, Sinuforte can be applied after sinus puncture, even if the puncture was only made for diagnostic purposes.

Can Sinuforte be applied after surgery (post-surgical period) on the nasal cavity?
After endonasal surgery for the treatment of nasal and paranasal sinus polyposis a daily application of Sinuforte (instead of washes) will promote faster sinus cleansing (Khechinashvili S.N., with co-authors).

Does Sinuforte create drug dependence?
Clinical trials have shown no evidence to suggest the possibility of developing drug dependence for Sinuforte.

Is there a danger of overdosing?
No cases of overdosing are known to date. Nonetheless, exceeding the recommended dose may cause an intensive burning n the nasopharynx and will not increase the medicineís effectiveness.

How many patients were involved in the clinical trials of Sinuforte?
Sinuforte has been used in clinical practice since 1999. It was tested in many leading clinics in Germany, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Belarus on more than 1500 patients, of which 150 were children (7-15 years) and 1350 were adults (16-65 years). It was tested as an individual treatment, in combination with other medications (antibiotics, local vasoconstrictors and antihistaminics) and in the post-surgical period after endoscopic procedures.

Where was Sinuforte tested?
On the ENT bases of the Clinic of the University of the city of Wurtsburg (Medical Director - Professor Ian Helms; Doctor of Medicine Florian Hoppe; Doctor of Medicine Quante), ENT of the Clinic of the University of the city of Essen (Medical Director† - Professor Klaus Janke; Doctor Markus Fischer), ENT Clinic of Cologne University (Medical Director - Professor Eberhardt Schtenert, Professor, Doctor of Medicine Orlando Gutinias-Lichius), ENT of Clinic of Tbilisi State Medical Academy, Republic Scientific and Practice Rheumatology Center (Tbilisi city), of the Institute of otorhinolaryngology named after A.I. Kolomyichenko of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, of the Chair of Children Otorhinolaryngology of the Kyiv medical academy of postgraduate education named after P.L. Shupik of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, ENT-department of Pavlodar Clinic Hospital (Kazakhstan), Chair of Otorhinolaryngology of the Crimean State Medical University, Chair of Otorhinolaryngology of Ivano-Frankivsk State Medical Academy, of Belarus State Medical University (Minsk city), of Tbilisi State Medical University, of Kazakh National Medical University (Alma-Ata city), in the Republican Clinic Hospital named after N.A. Semashko of the Autonoumous Republic of Crimea (Simferopol city).

Are there contraindications to the application of Sinuforte?
Cystous and polypous sinusitis.

Where can Sinuforte be purchased?
In Germany Sinuforte can be purchased with a doctor's prescription. In Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Ukraine, Sinuforte is sold without prescription in leading pharmacies.

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